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Friday, September 21, 2012


In the previous post I said I'm obsessed with So it should come to no surprise that I love a kind of "cartoon-y" type of humor. Which brings me to something else I love to watch and laugh to;


I've loved comics just about my entire life. I've read them from as far back as to when I first learned to read, and I spent at least an hour yesterday reading comics. Now, when I say comics I don't mean comic books like Batman, Spider-Man, Watchmen etc, but titles such as Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, Nemi (Swedish comic), and Zits.

As for webcomics, the kind of stuff I mostly read are the more cynical and twisted, but still very silly and humorous. My biggest favorite is easily Cyanide & Happiness. Here's an example:

There are threee others I also love to read.


bug comic:

Penny Arcade:

Then there are some that I find to be pretty damn funny, but are either just not quite as good as the first four, or there's jst not enough of them for me to place them on that same pedestal. Some of those included are The Loading Artist, Whomp comic, and Awkward Zombie.

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