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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Gintama!



Sket Dance "handing over the baton" to Gintama
Yes, for those who are late to get this month-old news - like me - you can now rejoice, because according to Anime News Network, Gintama will start airing new episodes on October 4th. Gintama will be returning. Sket Dance will be handing over it's time slot to Gintama.Which really makes me wanna check out Sket Dance. But this post is about Gintama!

For those who don't know about Gintama, I feel sorry for you, because the parody/comedy goldmine that is Gintama is easily the series (anime or not) that I have laughed the most and the hardest to. I must have laughed myself to tears at least two dozen times while watching this. I wouldn't call it the "best" comedy, because they do have some episodes here and there that either focus on serious action (episodes I don't like at all) or touching drama (which is really moving sometimes and really boring other times). But it is without a shred of doubt the funniest series I've ever seen with it's character's outrageous reactions, deformed facial expressions, out-of-the-blue parodies, meta jokes, toilet humor, and constant fake-outs that they're getting cancelled.

Watch to episode 25 at least, dammit!
Now, if you haven't seen it but is planning to, keep in my mind that the first 15 to 20 episodes are among the worst of the entire series. I know, it's pretty inconveniant. But the way I view it is as some sort of test: "Get through these 'meh' episodes and you'll be rewarded with over 200 episodes of pure gold".

I remember once a few years ago when I felt really blue over a certain thing and nothing seemed to help. I felt down the entire day. Then I began watching the latest Gintama episode and I didn't even make it through the opening sequence before I had a huge grin on my face. It's truly the best 'pick me up' there is :)

I usually try not to overhype things I think are really good. But I just can't help it in this case, I love this series THAT much. And if you don't like it, well that's your opinion - but it's a stupid opinion. How can you not love stuff like this?

Let's go people-sledding!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Movie review: The Invention of Lying

I caught The Invention of Lying on TV yesterday. It started out great, the basic idea for it is really interesting. The world they live in where everyone tells the truth without holding anything back is hilarious in a refreshing, yet horrible way. This hilarity factor is of course greatly aided by Ricky Gervais' comic timing.

However, it does become quite a bit less entertaining the way it unfolds. That's not to say that it becomes terrible - just less enjoyable. But while it does take that route, the development of the main characters, and even this entire world is both well done and believable. The ending was also better than I expected.

All in all it's a decent and comfortable film.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More studying

In my previous post I wrote about how I'm studying for Cisco's CCENT certificate. That has however been put on a slight backburner (a couple of days before I even wrote that post - which was written just a few minutes ago ^^).


Because I've started a short course about how to use social medias for marketing. I figured that this class would be a much better way to get a decent job at least until I get my CCENT, but preferrably all the way until I get my CCNA.

Either way things go, Im pretty sure I'll also sign up for a certain IT education in a University. I'm taking it because then I'll learn more things than just the stuff the CCENT exam takes up (although that is quite a lot), and because I'll be able to study this even if I do have a job at the same time. Plus, if I have both a CCENT (and maybe a CCNA) AND a degree from this university, I'll surely find a well paying IT job pretty easily.

Now, this could (and mostly likely will) not happen until after quite a few months. So it's nothing I'll see pay off right this moment.

Oh, btw, the class I'm currently taking is being taught by a Swedish company called "MiROi".


I have recently started studying for Cisco's CCENT certificate - "Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician". I mainly began doing this so that I could have an "advantage" when looking for entry level IT jobs. And if I want higher than entry level positions I'll try to go for Cisco's higher level certificate - CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

I used to think I was pretty good at this kind of stuff. But after having seen a few video lectures on this stuff, I realized just how poor my knowledge on this stuff is :)

Which is one reason why I really love studying for this stuff. Another reason is that this subject simply really interests me. I really want to know more about this subject. And I want to be able to do this for a living, or even as something I can brag about being able to do :P
Not to mention how many different kinds of jobs one's able to find with these kinds of certificates. And of course, the higher certificate 'levels' one has, the more different kinds - and higher payed - jobs one can find.

A minor downside to taking this certificate is that I need a job to be able to take because I need to travel to Stockholm - which costs a bit of money - and pay about $150 to take the exam. There's of course no certainty that I'll pass it on my first try either.
In the future I would really like to be able to take their highest certificate - the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) - which has been said to be the equivalent of getting a Ph.D and is generally reported as the highest salaried certification in IT.

Monday, September 24, 2012

No Lawless in Luleå

Live in Luleå and want to see Lawless in the theaters? Haha, f*ck you!

A friend of mine and I were gonna go see Lawless in the theater on the premier date. But to our devastating horror we found out that Lawless - for some so far unknown reason - isn't being shown in our city. Granted, we do live in quite a small city (Luleå) in Sweden. But still, it's not like Lawless is some minor independent film with no-name people attached to it. The director, John Hillcoat, has previously made The Road, and it contains such actors as Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman.

Not to mention that the big blockbusters of the summer either has stopped showing in the theaters or are in their last days. So a movie like Lawless should be quite a big attraction at this time of the year. Now, I'm glad that a movie like the French "Intouchables" gets shown, but is there really more of a need to show a romantic comedy such as "Hope Springs" or the latest Resident Evil flick - "Resident Evil: Retribution"?
I'm assuming that some people would argue that Hope Springs have just as much of an audience as Lawless has. But to them I ask: 'But does it have an equal amount of viewers who will see it in the theaters?'. Because the kind of people I know that would love to see a movie like Hope Springs barely goes to the theaters at all. And if they go, they go to see the more "major" films, like the upcoming James Bond movie - "Skyfall".

Perhaps this is simply the ramblings of an upset spoiled nerd who hae already seen some of his most anticipated movies of the year this summer (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises & The Amazing Spider-Man), and still wants more. Or perhaps this is a justified outcry of a faithful costumer of cinema who has seen this abominous mistake for what it is and brings truth to the people!
...ok, it's the first one.

Movie review: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

A friend of mine and I felt in the mood to watch a really silly comedy, and since neither of us had seen Anchorman in at least 5 years, we decided to rewatch it. And it was most definitely worth it :)

I haven't laughed this hard in several weeks. I nearly keeled over laughing in the "fight scene" and the scene following that. Not only that, it's also one of the few times when I've seen that particular friend of mine laugh just as hard. So we certainly enjoyed the movie.

One thing I just have to say is that it was actually sillier than I remembered. And I remembered it to be pretty damn silly. So effectively - it was ultra-silly! So much of the entire movie seems to be adlibbed. There are entire scenes where I wouldn't be surprised if it was completely made up of us Will Ferrell adlibbing the entire thing. One example that comes into mind is when Ferrell is having a conversation with his dog, Baxter, quite early on in the film.

While this isn't a "good film" by my standards, it is exactly what it advertises that it is, and it works extremely well. And therefor, I feel no quarrel with giving Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy an;


And I willl now anxiously await Anchorman 2.

Friday, September 21, 2012


In the previous post I said I'm obsessed with So it should come to no surprise that I love a kind of "cartoon-y" type of humor. Which brings me to something else I love to watch and laugh to;


I've loved comics just about my entire life. I've read them from as far back as to when I first learned to read, and I spent at least an hour yesterday reading comics. Now, when I say comics I don't mean comic books like Batman, Spider-Man, Watchmen etc, but titles such as Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, Nemi (Swedish comic), and Zits.

As for webcomics, the kind of stuff I mostly read are the more cynical and twisted, but still very silly and humorous. My biggest favorite is easily Cyanide & Happiness. Here's an example:

There are threee others I also love to read.


bug comic:

Penny Arcade:

Then there are some that I find to be pretty damn funny, but are either just not quite as good as the first four, or there's jst not enough of them for me to place them on that same pedestal. Some of those included are The Loading Artist, Whomp comic, and Awkward Zombie.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obsession of the moment

I almost always have some sort of obsession - a certain movie, song, artist, website, excersice form or whatever. Sometimes I have several obsessions at a single time. This mostly happen when I have a certain obsession that have kept with me for a longer period of time. And this kind is currently my only obsession.
For a lot of people (most people?) that obsession would be Facebook. But for me, it's none other than memecenter. I go through this site several times a day and I go through each and every featured meme on this site. I still haven't gotten around to making memes myself though.

If you like humor (who doesn't?), check it out if you haven't already.

Googled myself

I just googled myself - with my real name - and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any single thing about myself. It does have something to do with me having a very common name. But still, nothing? I'm guessing it's because I'm never called by my actual name by my friends IRL, but with a nickname I've had just about my entire life. Not to mention how I pretty much never use Facebook either. In fact, the only social media I use where my real name is written is my Twitter. And even there my username is "Kenikki_".

I do have to say that I don't find this to be negative at all. Sure, some may say that I don't turn up because I live such an event-less life, but I think it's merely because of the lack of Facebook usage and how I try to keep my online life seperate from my IRL life.
When I'm online I pretty much always use a couple of certain usernames. Mainly because of this exact thing. I don't want to be able to be tracked online. I'm quite paranoid about it. So in the end I'm pleased with the result.

Upcoming stuff... for real!

Ok, this time I really will return. I swear :)

Here are some things I'll write about:

I Saw The Devil
Hangover II
The Woman In Black
Iron Sky

Other stuff:
Yojimbo vs. Fistful of Dollars
Cisco certificates
TTC - Your Deceptive Mind
MiROi education