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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More studying

In my previous post I wrote about how I'm studying for Cisco's CCENT certificate. That has however been put on a slight backburner (a couple of days before I even wrote that post - which was written just a few minutes ago ^^).


Because I've started a short course about how to use social medias for marketing. I figured that this class would be a much better way to get a decent job at least until I get my CCENT, but preferrably all the way until I get my CCNA.

Either way things go, Im pretty sure I'll also sign up for a certain IT education in a University. I'm taking it because then I'll learn more things than just the stuff the CCENT exam takes up (although that is quite a lot), and because I'll be able to study this even if I do have a job at the same time. Plus, if I have both a CCENT (and maybe a CCNA) AND a degree from this university, I'll surely find a well paying IT job pretty easily.

Now, this could (and mostly likely will) not happen until after quite a few months. So it's nothing I'll see pay off right this moment.

Oh, btw, the class I'm currently taking is being taught by a Swedish company called "MiROi".

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