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Monday, September 24, 2012

No Lawless in Luleå

Live in Luleå and want to see Lawless in the theaters? Haha, f*ck you!

A friend of mine and I were gonna go see Lawless in the theater on the premier date. But to our devastating horror we found out that Lawless - for some so far unknown reason - isn't being shown in our city. Granted, we do live in quite a small city (Luleå) in Sweden. But still, it's not like Lawless is some minor independent film with no-name people attached to it. The director, John Hillcoat, has previously made The Road, and it contains such actors as Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman.

Not to mention that the big blockbusters of the summer either has stopped showing in the theaters or are in their last days. So a movie like Lawless should be quite a big attraction at this time of the year. Now, I'm glad that a movie like the French "Intouchables" gets shown, but is there really more of a need to show a romantic comedy such as "Hope Springs" or the latest Resident Evil flick - "Resident Evil: Retribution"?
I'm assuming that some people would argue that Hope Springs have just as much of an audience as Lawless has. But to them I ask: 'But does it have an equal amount of viewers who will see it in the theaters?'. Because the kind of people I know that would love to see a movie like Hope Springs barely goes to the theaters at all. And if they go, they go to see the more "major" films, like the upcoming James Bond movie - "Skyfall".

Perhaps this is simply the ramblings of an upset spoiled nerd who hae already seen some of his most anticipated movies of the year this summer (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises & The Amazing Spider-Man), and still wants more. Or perhaps this is a justified outcry of a faithful costumer of cinema who has seen this abominous mistake for what it is and brings truth to the people!
...ok, it's the first one.

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