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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just started (sort of): Dragon Age II

I didn't really like Dragon Age: Origins - And yet I've started playing the sequel. Bad move.

Ok, technically I haven't "just started" playing Dragon Age II. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm over the halfway point. But I figured that I should at least make a post saying that I am in fact playing it. A big reason as to why I want to state that I'm playing it is because it has been eating up a whole lot of my time. Time better spent elsewhere to be honest. Mainly because I have so damn much I SHOULD do. Like watching anime, writing reviews, studying for my C# class, continue studying C++ or for the CCENT, or looking for actual work.

But no, instead of doing any those actually important and useful things I'm playing this mediocre RPG. So why do I do it even though I think it's mediocre? Because one thing it has gotten right is the addictive aspect. It's easy to think "I can play a little while longer" every time I beat a group of enemies or finish a quest - even if I didn't really enjoy doing those things. This is what I like to call "braindead gaming".

However, I'm not sure wether it's better or worse than Dragon Age: Origins yet.

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