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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo 2 revisit

Considering that I have no money and a shitty internet connection I can't participate in the Diablo 3 craze. So, to still my Diablo urges I decided to revisit Diablo 2 with a new character for the third (possibly fourth) time.
But as I was playing it, I noticed that I didn't really enjoy myself. The game play is monotone (I use fireball 99% of the time), the loot isn't very fun (I've had the same weapon since the first act), it doesn't have an engaging atmosphere and it's a bit too easy and dull outside of the boss battles.

Diablo must be possessing players to make them addicted.

Why do I feel like this now when I've so long remembered this to be one of the greatest games of all time?
Maybe it's because I've already played it so much in the past. Or maybe my tastes in games have changed that much in recent years. Or perhaps it's simply because I'm playing single player and not online. Whatever the reason is, it just wasn't fun to play Diablo 2.

However, by the time I've sorted out these thoughts, I realized that I've spent the majority of the last four days playing this game. So, while I do have complaints about it now, it is still highly addictive.

Playing it did still my urges for Diablo 3. It however reawakened my urges for World of Warcraft.
Which I can't play because - as I stated in the beginning - I have no money and a shitty internet connection.

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